Why Showing Up Matters


A LOT of people have asked me why we are hosting small concerts on Sunday night. Gotta few things to throw at ya if you’re ready!

The Apex Center in Wytheville is a brand new market. It is conveniently situated at Exit 77 on I 81, and is a stone’s throw from the I77/I81 interstate split. We have to get on the radar of promoters who are running tours through those interstates and close by us.

That means that we are gonna host more shows on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday rather than Friday and Saturday slots because your bigger artists are already booked in other cities for Friday and Saturday. For example here is a made up scenario using my bucket list artist:

Dolly Parton is in Knoxville, TN playing a show. Her next tour stop is Charlottesville, VA. Wytheville is conveniently located over 2.5 hours from Knoxville and right at 2.5 from Charlottesville. A promoter looking to book her would look at Wytheville because it’s close, on the route, and is not close enough to compete with the other 2 shows that are booked.

If you take your favorite artist and look at their tour dates, you’ll see that they are usually states away from each other. While it doesn’t always work as clearly as my example, I wanted to use VA cities to keep it simple.

This dovetails into the next item. Promoters look at venue records. If a Country artist sells out but a Rock concert tanks, you can guarantee both will be leary of one show tanking but the Country artist promoter is more likely to book again.

Showing up MATTERS!

It matters to artists who put their heart and soul into their music. When they have a great show they are more likely to shout it out and do repeat performances.

It matters to promoters who are in the game to produce events. They look at data from venues. Every concert we host is being analyzed to share with promoters so that they can make informed booking decisions.

It matters to venues. When you show up you vote with your dollars and give me the inside scoop on what sells here. People are happy to tell me all day long “Hey you should get Dolly Parton in here,” but I can’t build a show off of one fan, even if that one fan is ME! What does get all of us closer to hosting Miss Dolly P here though is when Country artists (female or male) consistently sell out.

We are coming up on the last of our Summer Sounds at Six; a four week run of concerts on SUNDAY nights. We hosted these to get people inside the building at a ridiculously low cost to the consumer, to test the market to see what sells, to get people used to Sunday night events and to use that data going forward to entice promoters to book shows here.


I hope you’ll come out for our last concert this Sunday. It’s gonna be a hard rocking Christian night with Hanging Haman and As We Are. Our season was great and I want to thank Jimothy Band, Adam McPeak and Mountain Thunder; and Phlegar Hill = all top notch artists who brought their talents to us this opening season!

Join us Sunday night; doors open at 5 and the show starts at 6!


Kathy Finley