Summer is For Projects



Want to know the number one thing that surprises people most about this industry?

And no, it’s not the amount of famous people we either meet or typically don’t….

It’s the fact that this industry follows the school calendar. We are our busiest September – May!

A lot of events happen in the summer; however, most are outdoors. If your facility has an outdoor event venue, you can expect it to be hopping! If it does not, the building staff get a chance to breathe!

After 8 years in this business, my hours are typically 80-90 hour weeks in our busiest months (October-December) and calm down to nice, solid 50 hour weeks in the summer. The first time I encountered this it felt like hitting a brick wall after running so much in the fall & winter season.

Summer is for projects. This is when the building rests, the staff can breathe a bit, and we tackle all of the projects from the rest of the year. We get a chance to deep clean the building. We get to fix everything that falls into disrepair during such a busy rental period. We get to put new programs and physical projects in place. We get to say more than “Hi” and “Bye” to each other as we are scurrying around.

One of our biggest projects this summer is getting the dirt ready for ag events. We are HUGE supporters of the Ag community and want to honor the industry that so many Wytheville (town and county) residents are engaged in. Did you know that the dirt needs to behave differently for horses, cattle, sheep and goats? We are working quickly to get it ready for each group who has very specialized sets of needs.

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We are also getting 3 new fans on the East end of the building. I can’t wait to see how they move the air in preparation of hotter summer months and future motor-based event rentals. And yes. That is me, hugging a fan that is taller than I am. (Not a high bar, but I’m 5 feet 3 inches tall, even though my husband says that last inch is a lie haha)

A lot of people have asked why the Apex isn’t booked right now. It’s simple. The industry does not support rentals in the summer. Compare any building calendar in November and July and you’ll see what I mean about the percentages. Now. That being the case, I am working hard and fast to increase them, in spite of the industry standard.

We are looking into several family-oriented events, a concert series, riding times, and meeting rentals. Stay tuned, you’ll see more pop up on the calendar that you wouldn’t normally see in other places, as I am working hard to open the building to Wythe county residents who want to experience events here.

As always, my door is always open. Feel free to pop in and we’ll give you a tour, answer your questions about upcoming events and explain how this crazy industry works!


Kathy Finley