Meet our Newest Employee

Welcome, Hana to the APEX CENTER!!

Welcome, Hana to the APEX CENTER!!

Happy Friday!

I want to introduce you to our newest employee ...Our House Photographer - Hana!

Hana is a Wythe County native and a senior at Fort Chiswell High School. She is graduating next spring and attending Wytheville Community College next fall.

If you see this tiny blonde running all over the Expo with a camera capturing your smiling faces, please know that she is our employee and I’m thrilled to have her on board.

Hana and I share a love of photography. I don’t have time to indulge in this hobby as sometimes the most I can do is get a quick photo with my phone. I love that I now have a partner in crime to help me capture the wonderful things happening here.

For you photography nerds, Hana and I were chatting this week about what it’s like shooting here. She will have the chance to shoot in all sorts of conditions ...low light, fluorescent light, indoors and out, portraits, livestock, sports/action photos, landscapes and entertainers.

To help you get to know her, I asked a few questions- everything from her preferred camera to advice for those getting started.

Her favorite brand of camera gear is Canon (samesies!) and her biggest piece of advice is to practice. “It takes A LOT of practice!” She also recommended social media as a great tool for getting started.

I was drawn to her after reading the About section of her Facebook page. It’s simple, daring, and lines up with my vision for this facility. Her About: “Young photographer out of SWVA looking to achieve big things.”

When I read that, I reached out immediately. If you’ve spent more than five seconds with me you know I say that the sky's the limit here.

Wythe County has done an incredible thing: They’ve invested in a piece of property and an industry that has the potential to do big things. Since the building opened in January, they’ve done everything from motor sports, ag events, youth events, rodeos, MMA/sports, concerts, meetings, a graduation…..BIG THINGS. And that’s just in the first eight months of being open!

Every business owner knows the struggle of getting a business off the ground. Things are no different here. There are three full-time staff that work relentlessly to continue the BIG momentum that started in January. Now we have Hana working with us to capture the amazing things we and all of the promoters who have used the facility are doing.

I’m so excited for Hana to be here. I can’t wait to tell our Apex story with her talent telling the story visually. Hana has been working in photography for over a year now and I’m ready for all of us to grow together.

Show her some love on social media (her photography page on Facebook is Hana Q Photography) and keep a lookout for her photos on our Facebook page, Instagram, website and blog.

Welcome to the team Hana!

If you have the same spirit that Hana does, want to see the Apex grow, and are interested in volunteering or working here part-time, please PARTNER WYTHE US!

Be sure to check the website for all of our work and volunteer opportunities! Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone,


Kathy Finley